The Task Force Recommendation will be presented to the MPO Board on January 11th.

Status of Vision 54/56 Study (February 8, 2017)

Phase 2 of the Pasco County MPO Vision 54/56 Study is proceeding based on the Task Force Recommendations and subsequent direction from the MPO Board at the conclusion of Phase 1. However, due to funding constraints, the Phase 2 study was delayed but is now anticipated to kick off sometime in March 2017 now that partial funding is available to move the analysis forward.

The Phase 2 approach includes a 2-step analysis where:

  • Step 1 will focus on the application of the most important criteria to support analysis of 6 major highway and transit alternatives,
    5 complementary alternatives, and 1 do-nothing alternative from Phase 1 with the objective being to narrow the number of alternatives to 3 or 4 major highway and transit alternatives plus a do-nothing alternative before moving forward to the next step; and
  • Step 2 will focus on the application of additional and more‐detailed evaluation criteria.

The intersections of SR 54/US 41 and SR 54/Little Road (unless the Task Force selects another location) will be the focus of the Step 1 analysis. These intersections were selected since the US 41 intersection is the most congested intersection and the Little Road intersection is more representative of a typical intersection along the corridor, in terms of traffic congestion and right-of-way availability. Following the completion of Step 1, the Florida Department of Transportation has agreed to fund the Step 2 analysis specifically for the SR 54/US 41 intersection.

Funding to support the Step 2 analysis for the remainder of the corridor has not been identified and the MPO will continue to pursue possible funding sources as the Phase 2 effort moves forward.

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Vision 54/56

MOBILITY 2040: A Vision for the SR 54/56 Corridor, also known as Vision 54/56, is a study designed to define a transportation vision for the future of the SR 54/56 corridor, from Us 19 in eastern Pasco County to Bruce B. Downs Boulevard. The corridor is being evaluated in two segments:

  • Segment 1: US 19 to West of US 41
  • Segment 2: West of US 41 to Bruce B. Downs Boulevard

The main objective of this study is to develop consensus on the best solutions for addressing congestion, safety, and mobility within the SR 54/56 corridor.

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Phase 2

Phase 1 - Completed